Celebration Dinner!

We are excited to announce a delicious and exciting celebration dinner. Every swimmer, coach and synchro fan is welcome to join us for a celebration of the sport and recognize the great achievements of the 2018 and 2019 Australian National Teams.

When: Monday Evening Starting at 5pm
Where: Novotel Olympic Park
Attire: You are welcome to come in semi-formal attire or your club uniforms. Whichever you feel more comfortable.
Costs: $15 for registered swimmers and coaches $35 for everyone else

Ticket are available here

Please indicate if you have any food preferences in the comments section.

17:00   Food Service will start
17:45   Club Cheers – each club has 1 min to perform a club cheer
18:15   Club Awards (read more below)
18:45   Team Australia Presentations
19:15   Coral Team Autographs and Presentations 
19:45   Dance until you drop 

Club Spirit Awards
Synchro NSW/ACT would like to give each club the opportunity to recognise a swimmer who demonstrates the true spirit of synchro. Each club can recognise 1 swimmer in any of the following categories, awards will be presented at the celebration dinner. Please submit the swimmers name, the award, and up to 50 words about why this swimmer deserves this award to synchro,nsw@gmail.com by March 22nd. 

Team spirit award – for swimmer who keeps the team’s spirits high, is a good friend to all and helps them keep going when things are tough.

Outstanding improvement award – Swimmer who has impressed their coach with their improvement in any area.

Team dedication award – for swimmer who is dedicated to training, rarely misses a session and puts in maximum effort with their team at all times.

Awesome attitude award – Swimmer who always listens to their coach, always tries their best and keeps smiling

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