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The schedule was updated on Apr. 1 & 8th. Small changes were made to the warm up times on Sunday afternoon and Monday morning. Meeting rooms were also changed.

Judge Competition Briefings

Exclusively for all judges registered to judge at this event.

Team Manager Meetings

Each club must send a team manager to all team manager meetings. All important communication will be provided at the team manager meetings

ASAI swimmers representative forum – all Australian athletes are invited

Amie Thompson is the ASAI swimmers representative. Her role is to represent the needs of the swimmers across Australia. Amie (WA) alongside the state swimmer representatives would like to invite all Australian swimmers to a forum to introduce themselves and discuss any the needs of the swimmers. Under 18 athletes are recommended to attend with their guardians.

High Performance (HP) meeting – all interested Australian athletes and families 

ASAI will present the existing and upcoming high performance programs for 2019 and into the future. Learn more about the Joeys and Oceania Squad, or the future Coral Squads.

ASAI & State Meeting – all Australian National and State Board Representatives

General discussion to address coaching, judging, competition, athletes and other development programs. Please submit agenda items to *

Coral Team ASAI board Debrief  – Coral team athletes and ASAI board